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Dry eye has many symptoms including blur, excess watering, scratchy and gritty feelings , tiredness, glare sensitivity and many more. Sufferers are often given lubricant drops and told they will need to use them for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, MANY OF THESE PEOPLE DO NOT ACTUALLY HAVE DRY EYE and could save a lot of unnecessary discomfort and cost if correctly diagnosed and treated. It is important to correctly assess the underlying cause which in many cases can be resolved. Three of the commonly misdiagnosed causes are meibomian gland disease, blepharitis, and demodex mites. These conditions are VERY COMMON and can usually be treated quite easily.

Meibomian Gland Disease (Very Common)

Each eyelid contains numerous oil producing glands. The oil is essential for good quality and comfortable tears. Over 50% of adults have dysfunctional glands. Simple treatments such as BLEPHASTEAM goggles with meibomian gland expression can often quickly and cheaply resolve the issue.

Blepharitis (Very Common)

Many people will notice crustiness or flakes along the eyelashes. This also disrupts the tear layer and causes discomfort and numerous other symptoms. Bacteria are a frequent cause of blepharitis.

Bacteria are a frequent cause of blepharitis and in some cases can be effectively treated with Manuka Honey Eye Drops

Demodex Mites (Common)

These tiny mites can live in places such as the eyelash follicles and make eyes feel miserable. Just like head lice, they have a breeding cycle lasting several weeks so can’t be removed with a single treatment due to the ongoing hatching of eggs. If correctly diagnosed they can effectively be removed with commercially available treatments.

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